EZGlyph Pro

EZGlyph Pro is a set of unicode fonts and macros designed to work seamlessly together to allow the user to create professional quality hieroglyphic text directly in a Word document.

EZGlyph Pro contains all of the features of The EZGlyph System. In addition, using only three keystrokes, it converts a text, which has been input according the rules of the Manuel de Codage (MdC), into hieroglyphs without ever leaving the Word document. All of the hieroglyphic text on this page was created with EZGlyph.

Thus, with just three keystrokes, the following MdC compliant text:
is converted into:
without the user ever leaving Word. There are no graphics to contend with, and the entire text behaves like any other text in a Word document. Because the final hieroglyphic text is independent of the EZGlyph Pro program with which it was created, it will display correctly on any computer that has the EZGlyph font families installed.

Because the text is totally compatible with Word, adjustments can easily be made. For example it might be desireable to reduce the size of the sun disk following the initial horus. Simply highlight the glyph and Superscript it, to produce:
EZGlyph Pro also includes our exclusive Font Tray, allowing for the easy and quick input of many rarely used hieroglyphs into a Word document under either Windows or Mac. With the Font tray you simply click the glyph in the Tray and it will appear at the cursor location in your Word document (cut and paste or drag on a Mac).

Once the hieroglyphic text has been created in the Word document you can use standard Word commands, or the macros included, to do additional formatting.

Individual characters can be reversed, widened, narrowed, moved up, moved down, colored red or black, enlarged or reduced in size, using standard Word commands. In short, EZGlyph Pro can create any text that The EZGlyph System can create. However, EZGlyph Pro also allows input via the MdC.

EZGlyph Pro is part of a complete system that uses only standard Word commands. Any text created by EZGlyph Pro can be read without any loss or distortion in any Word document, provided only that the EZGlyph font families are installed.

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