You won't need a fancy keyboard, like the one shown below, to create professional hieroglyphic text with EZGlyph.

By simply using the functions already included in Word, along with the macros we provide, you can create professional quality hieroglyphic text directly in your Word document. These are not graphics pasted into your document. The glyphs are an integral part of the document itself, subject to full manipulation and editing. Developed by Bill Petty over the past 10 years EZglyph is the answer to the problem of easily and quickly creating high quality hieroglyphic texts.

Bill has written several books, all of them are available on
  • Hieroglyphic Sign List
  • Names of the Kings of Egypt (with Kevin L. Johnson)
  • Hieroglyphic Dictionary
  • Egyptian Glyphary
  • Understanding Hieroglyphic Inscriptions
  • Ahmose: An Egyptian Soldier's Story
  • English to Middle Egyptian Dictionary
  • The Carnarvon Tablet
  • Luxor: Gods, Grit and Glory (Editor)
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EZGlyph Pro (download)

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About EZGlyph
EZGlyph is a set of unicode fonts and macros designed to work seamlessly together to allow the user to create professional quality hieroglyphic text directly in a Word document.
EZGlyph is fast and easy to use, with a quick learning curve. And the results are outstanding. All of the hieroglyphic text on this page was created with EZGlyph.


The EZGlyph fonts are the font families that allow the input of hieroglyphs in a Word document. They will display any document created with EZGlyph Pro. (More)

The EZGlyph System is a set of macos (activated by Hot Keys) that facilitate the quick, easy and professional creation of hieroglyphic text in a Word document. (More)

EZGlyph Pro consists of the EZGlyph fonts and the complete EZGlyph System for both Windows and Mac, as well as being compatible with the standard Manuel de Codage (MdC), giving the user two methods for the input of hieroglyphic text in a Word document. EZGlyph Pro costs $25 and is now available for easy download. (More)
From "Egyptian Stelae" by Stewart, the Stela of Ahmosis, copy created using EZGlyph
Reversed (right facing) with stacked characters.
Text with unusual spacing.
Multicolored text.
Complex cartouches with some text reversed.
Thutmose III
Photo - Kmt/Forbes
* EZGlyph is a trademark of Museum Tours, Inc.
   The organization of the EZGlyph Font Families are copyright by Museum Tours, Inc.
   The EZGlyph System and EZGlyph Pro macros and Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys) are copyright by Musuem
           Tours, Inc.
   There is no copyright claim to the individual hieroglyphs. They are based on the Gardiner set of hieroglyphs,
           are widely available, and are considered in the public domaine.